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We See a World of Possibility

We are driven by a belief that, very often, there is a better way to do things.

Instead of settling for the status quo, we channel our efforts into designing and implementing mobility services that have a positive influence on society. Taking new technology and new thinking, we apply our unique expertise to the creation of more user-friendly transport solutions.

We understand that ours is a shared success. If we do things well, we will improve the M50 journey for everyone, making it easier, quicker and safer to travel. And, as the experience of using the M50 gets better, we too will grow alongside it.

We can see the way ahead and are excited about the future – we see the possibilities.

Our Company Values

Our Company Values

Human after all
Fostering Innovation

Executive Team

Christian Heurtebis
Chief Executive Officer
Colin O'Toole
Director of Operations
Manus Byrne
Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager
Susan Kavanagh
Head of HR
David O'Connor
Chief Financial Officer
David Price
Head of Finance

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Christian has over 38 years of experience, among them over 29 years in private sector tolling infrastructure executive management, construction, operations and legal experience.

He has previously served as project and business director for tolling and infrastructure projects in France, USA, and Russia where he managed the development of the interoperability, commercial and financial operations of tolling networks.

Christian reports directly to the Turas Board of Directors and is responsible for developing sound relationships with stakeholders, clients and the wider community to deliver real benefits to all who use the M50 and to the people of Ireland.

Colin has been with Turas since 2021 and in his role as Director of Operations, he has overall responsibility for Turas’ operational processes. He ensures that Turas maintains service excellence through consistent, industry leading delivery solutions. Colin works in close partnership with operational and technical teams to execute the company’s vision, goals and growth strategies.

Colin has a wealth of experience in Customer Service Management, Operational Transformation, Customer Engagement, Information Technology and Project Management across a number of sectors.

Colin holds a Degree in Electronic Engineering and  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Manus has 37 years’ experience in printing / finishing, 6 years in the medical devices industry and, most recently, 2 years in road tolling.

During that time, main focus has been on the setting up and managing of ISO standards – ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems, ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.

In addition, Manus has set up and managed Business Continuity Systems. As GRC Manager, he has managed full Health & Safety Systems, risk across organisation and all related systems – policies, procedure etc for GDPR compliance.



Over the past 25 years, Susan has ‘grown up’ through the HR function and is now an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Susan’s Human Resources’ experience across a number of sectors including Financial Services, Telcoms, Recruitment, Care Providers, Engineering, Manufacturing and Warehousing, means that she can draw on a rich bank of experience as she builds the Turas team. Susan has been involved as a founding member of the Turas start-up team since 2019 and is helping to define the new company’s strategies for employee-engagement so as to promote a genuinely results-orientated culture.

An accomplished Chartered Accountant (FCA) with extensive senior management experience in Global and Domestic Organisations, and formerly in Accountancy Practice as Financial Consultant and Auditor.  David has gained experience in a number of different industries, including Fintech software development, Support Services for the Computer Games industry, Vehicle Rental and Business Process Outsourcing with a focus on the US healthcare market.

Through his more than 25 years’ experience David has developed skills in implementing processes and streamlining operations in rapidly changing organisations.

With almost 20 years experience in Financial Management & Accounting, David has led the Finance function at Turas as part of the start-up team since 2019.

David has held key finance positions across a range of sectors including tolling operations, insurance, web services and semi-state agencies.

David is a qualified CIMA and CPA accountant, and he graduated with an MBA from Dublin’s Trinity College in 2017.